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Helpful Tips for a Beautiful Garden

There is nothing like a beautiful garden stocked with colourful flowers, plants and shrubs. Grassed areas and accompanying borders and paths stocked with flowers of all shapes and sizes look amazing in a garden. Borders, pathways and defined areas can all be places full of various flowers that add a beautiful colour and scent to your garden. You need to know what type of soil you have and what sorts of plants and flowers will grow well. If you are just starting out, it can take time to get an established garden full of flowers. You need to familiarize yourself with flowers and plants and that can be done by researching online or in gardening books and magazines. People you know may help offer advice and supply cuttings of flowers and plants with help on how to plant and care for them.

Flowers and plants all differ
Some plants and flowers grow yearly and will increase in size, which can be great. If you are lucky to own a garden that already has mature greenery with plenty of flowers and shrubs, then it can be easier to maintain it rather than creating one that can take time.
Others such as bedding plants are bought from gardening and DIY stores and are only able to grow for the summer months. You need to do some studying to know what grows where. For instance, if you have a border that runs the length of a lawn, you need to have varying sizes, from the tallest at the back to the shorter varieties nearer to the front. You can place decorative stones amid the colourful display to add character. Fences and trees are great for flowers to be planted around and give a display of colour in whatever sized area you have outdoors. With flowers, it doesn’t matter how much space you have, even if you only own a balcony, as a few pots with colourful blooms will give instant appeal. Plus, a few hanging baskets can display sprawling flowers over railings or be fixed safely to walls. Again, read about how to care for your potted plants as all flowers aren’t the same and need individual care.

Care and attention
All plant life needs caring for; whether it is vegetables you are growing or flowers and plants simply for beauty, they need to be taken care of. You will need to feed them and use pest and weed control to help combat insects and bugs infesting your flowers. There are many pesticides available and home remedies that work and keep pests under control. The soil has to be of good quality and composts vary according to the age and type of plants. Fertilizers help speed the growth of flowers and plants, but use them sparingly and make sure you use the correct quantity. There are many natural ways of growing plants and flowers, so make sure you do it to prevent harming the environment.

Colour and smell
When you find yourself having a beautiful show of flowers and plants, you will want to enjoy the beautiful array for as long as you can. Keep the borders weed free with regular weeding. If you are unsure of a certain name of a flower, take a photograph and ask people you know who are keen gardeners or look online to see how to care for them. Some of them can be replanted the following season, and this saves money from buying new seeds and plants. Remove dead heads as you see them. Water and feed appropriately to the individual plant life.

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