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Landscape Design Company Fulham has been my go-to for all my gardening needs for more than a year now, and I can't imagine using anyone else. Their reliability, helpfulness, and exceptional work ethic make them the best in the business. Highly recommended!

  • Jade Lambert

Unmatched speed paired with unbeatable pricing make this one of the best options available in the market.

  • Elizabeth A.

My gardens are in excellent hands with the help of this knowledgeable and experienced gardener.

  • Elisa K.

Incredible, turned up as promised by the gardeners' assurance, great pre-service communication. Thrilled with how it looks now and confirmed a monthly cutting session.

  • Kendra Baskall

Excellent dedication to their craft, the paving looks amazing and expertly completed, and the team is friendly yet respectful. I couldn't be happier suggesting them for any paving task. Their work made me absolutely delighted!

  • S. Allan

With a tactful approach and respectful attitude, this team takes great care in planning and carrying out the project for an exceptional outcome. My experience has been nothing but positive and I strongly encourage using their services.

  • Peter Gray

Our previous collaboration with Garden Clearance Fulham proved that they are a reliable and skilled company, which is why we chose to have them back for additional paving in our backyard. We highly recommend their services.

  • Mary Walls

We are grateful for their attention to detail and commitment to creating a stunning outdoor space for us.

  • Diane

We were thoroughly pleased with their outstanding performance and timely delivery, leaving us highly satisfied.

  • Paul S.

The quality of their work was outstanding, completed within the given timeframe without causing any major inconvenience.

  • Russell Williams

This experience truly surpassed all my expectations - my lawn looks incredible now! The gardeners were efficient and dependable, and the price was just right.

  • Thomas Furgy

Fantastic communication at an affordable investment.

  • William D

Skilled dialogue with a competitive price tag.

  • Bryant Foster

My yard has never looked better thanks to the amazing work of this phenomenal gardening service.

  • Josian L.

You won't find better results or customer service than what this gardening service offers. Truly outstanding.

  • E. Lucas

Trustworthy, dependable, and talented - that's how I would describe the team at Landscape Design Company Fulham. They did an excellent job on my front and back yard.

  • S. McTeague

It's not easy finding a team that is both hardworking and budget-friendly. Luckily, I found one with this group who did an amazing job on my garden while keeping costs reasonable.

  • Chris

The lawn was wonderful and came in top-notch condition.

  • Harrison

Our experience with Gardening Services Fulham was nothing short of excellent. They put in absolute maximum effort to turn around our overgrown garden! Incredible customer service, reliability and efficiency!

  • Jim Silvers

There was no letdown when we used Fulham Gardeners for the first time yesterday - their gardeners were right on time, worked hard to refresh our garden post-wintertime, cleared away every bit of debris and ultimately left it with a perfectly pristine appearance.

  • R. Smith

I left their garden landscapers to it on the day and they cracked on and completed everything so quickly. They demonstrated their experience and professionalism. I was very happy with the standard of the work completed.

  • D. Bassett

Absolutely thrilled with the trimming of my cherry tree, delighted to be receiving sunlight once more. Job done in no time at all, spick and span!

  • David L.

This one deserves for sure a perfect rating of 5 star for me!! Immediate, sound and exceedingly good results obtained without any bother whatsoever- bad decision not hiring them anytime sooner. Not only that but came prepared by bringing their own lawnmower as well as cleaning up afterwards including gathering up leftover blades of grass. Really friendly attitude yet persistently professional-no exaggeration when i say it was worth paying every penny spent on this job!

  • Melody S.

It's difficult to imagine how anyone could have bettered the terrific service I received from GardenersFulham - sorting out my abysmally ugly lawn was no issue for their dedicated professionals!

  • Lorna P.

I'm just in awe of what Landscape Design Company Fulham have achieved for us in the garden - there's now an incredible water feature to enjoy, as well as some lovely lights that create such vibrant colour combinations at night-time.

  • Donald Richards

GardenersFulham stands out when it comes to landscape work; highly recommended.

  • Alicia

We installed patio and stepping stones so my semi-disabled wife could more easily move around our garden. The garden design workers were amiable and helpful, ensuring the stones were placed correctly.

  • Edwin

Landscape Design Company Fulham is the best patio cleaning team I've ever used. I love the way my patio looks now.

  • Cheryl Wallis

I could not be more thrilled with Garden Designers Fulham! On a suggestion from a friend, I decided to hire them to do some lawn mowing at my garden. They did a terrific job and will be handling all of my lawn care needs from now on.

  • Kathryn Webber

I would highly recommend Gardening Services Fulham to anyone in need of any type of gardening services.

  • L. Plint

The hedge pruning service from Garden Clearance Fulham was quick and simple. It was a stress-free service, exactly what I wanted.

  • K. Walcott

I called Gardeners Fulham the other week. Nothing was too much trouble for their gardeners. They were extremely hard working and completed a fabulous job.

  • Caroline B.

The garden care team that arrived to work on my garden really did do just that; they cared for my garden, and the results certainly showed. Landscapers Fulham do what they say. They're a transparent company and have never given me any problems.

  • S. Dier

After hiring another landscaping service and being disappointed with their work, I was hesitant to try another. But my neighbour was adamant that Garden Clearance Fulham was very professional. They did not disappoint. My lawn looks wonderful! You now have another regular client on our street!

  • Ed Howes

When my dad passed all of us kids worked on the house to get it ready and had GardenersFulham take care of the landscaping for us. They were so courteous and professional, I highly recommend them!

  • Georgia D.

I would definitely recommend Garden Clearance Fulham. The gardening work done has been a cut above and at a good deal, so I am satisfied.

  • Dorothy Binns

I found the best gardening services available in the capital. I hired them, and am glad that I did...They were fair, crews were nice, no mess and my property looks very good! Thank you GardenersFulham!

  • G. Clarkson

I would recommend Gardening Services Fulham if you want to get rid of garden rubbish. My outdoor space is mostly patio, and it was a complete tip. The teams here collected up all of the rubbish and got rid of it for me. It saved me lots of time and no waste was left behind. Thanks for such a thorough service!

  • Penny

The team at GardenersFulham have done a great job at hedge pruning and lawn planting at my home. All of the people I spoke to were polite and very diligent. Couldn't fault the quality of work carried out especially when you consider just how affordable the price was.

  • Gill Brown

I've never seen such professional and experience gardeners as the ones who work at Garden Clearance Fulham. Wow! What a team of experts! They are so impressive to watch and incredibly talented at what they do. Honestly, you will love them. They are so hard working, diligent, flexible and talented.

  • Sandra Pierce

I moved to a new house recently and it is the first time I've had hedges in my garden. I thought I would be able to handle the job myself but several failed attempts showed me otherwise. I didn't worry about this for long though because I called Landscape Design Company Fulham for help. I've had their staff take care of things and my hedges are now trim and I don't need to touch them.

  • S. Warren

I love my garden but it tends to get overran by weeds and overgrown hedges and trees too often. I do not have the right equipment or the time to tend to these types of jobs myself and so I decided to hire Landscape Design Company Fulham to help me out a little with the problem. They have been fantastic and have helped to save me so much time! I highly recommend this company!

  • Lynette Bennett

I was so pleased with the hedge trimming service I used recently from Gardening Services Fulham. My garden hedge got out of hand and we couldn't reach the top so opted to hire professionals to assist. The professional gardeners were polite and did a great job. They shaped the hedge and made it look neat and tidy again!

  • Debra

Lawn care has never been my strong point and something that I always tend to neglect. I'd had enough with my previous gardening company after some bad experiences had left me fed up and fuming, so I did some research and decided that Gardening Services Fulham were right for me. They certainly did the job and I was satisfied with their overall performance. The team that showed up were kind, courteous and extremely professional, and I was happy with everything that they accomplished. I definitely found the right company for me that works to my high standards.

  • Fiona Hartly

If you want to hire the best turfing firm in the area then you should call Gardeners Fulham. I hired them to help in my garden and they provided an expert result. I am impressed with the work they did and the ability they displayed. They had my new lawn down in a day, transforming my garden in just a few hours. I can't think of anyone else who could have done a better job.

  • Todd G.

This is just a note to say thank you! I use Gardening Services Fulham's services to keep my garden maintained and junk free. I have always received a high standard of garden clean up service. They know their business well and are for sure the best gardening service in the market. I would recommend their name to anyone who is looking for a quality and professional gardening service. Thank you for treating my garden like your own. I will be hiring your services again.

  • James T.

I would like to thank Gardening Services Fulham and especially their team of gardeners who worked on my garden the other week. My garden really was a mess and needed a lot of care and attention that their gardeners most certainly delivered. I have no qualms about the work they carried out or about giving them a call in the future and am happy to recommend them to others.

  • Stacey

Sometimes I can have problems in my cottage garden with various bacterial or insect attacks on my precious plants. I always call Garden Designers Fulham because they're known locally as the gardening experts. They have a great garden spraying service that eliminates all the threats to your garden in one hit. Amazing!

  • Joanna

My job commitments keep me so busy that I hardly manage to spend any time caring for my much loved garden. That is when I decided that I would employ some gardening professionals to help me with trimming and pruning to get my garden back into shape. Thanks to Fulham Gardeners for their excellent services.

  • Caroline S.

Landscapers Fulham has been looking after our garden for nearly two years now and I am absolutely thrilled with the standard of work, client care and continued assistance. My garden has evolved from a derelict back yard to an artistically landscaped beauty. I have been able to proudly display my garden to neighbours and friends. I would like to add that their gardening services are real value for money.

  • Matt Greg

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